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The Girls in Marketing Podcast

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In our much-loved podcast, we get up close and personal with marketers revolutionising the industry so you can learn from the best in the game.

From the latest marketing trends to building a successful marketing career, no topic is off limits! 

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From marketing specialists at leading brands to freelancers and personal branding experts, check out our latest guests and their Girls in Marketing podcast episodes.

Hannah Anderson

Behind The Scenes of the Creator Economy

Grace Andrews

Dominating the World of Social Media

John Williamson

Mastering LinkedIn Marketing

Rachel Allison

Harnessing the Power of Brand Ambassadors

Fadzi Nyama

A Deep Dive into Influencer Marketing

Ellie Perkins

Mastering Copywriting as a Marketer

Karina Scott

Exploring the Social Media Landscape

Anu Adegbola

Working in Paid Search

Florence Welke

Channelling Brand Mission Through Purposeful PR

Isobel Cowell

Building a Personal Brand

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