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Business growth, successful campaigns and employee satisfaction all rely on one thing: great leadership.

Businesses like yours have the power to turn a good workplace into a great one! We have created multiple FREE resources to inform the decision-making in your organisation and help your team flourish. 

Our library of guides and reports are designed to help improve your management and leadership skills in order to improve employee performance, engagement and satisfaction.

Growing a High Performing Marketing Team: Guide

In today’s dynamic business environment, building a high-performing team is critical for the success of any organisation, big or small.

This e-book explores how to build a strong team foundation, understand the world of group dynamics, and how to navigate your team. By the end of it, you will be equipped with the necessary tools and insights to build an invaluable team that is motivated, productive, and engaged. Let’s dive in and uncover the key ingredients to building a high-performing team!

Growing a High Performing Marketing Team Guide

The Art of Communicating Like a Leader: Guide

Communication is fundamental to human interaction, and understanding the different communication styles can help us navigate social situations better. Each person has a unique communication style that is influenced by a number of factors such as upbringing, culture, and personal experiences. By understanding our unique communication style, we can begin to work on strengthening the skill.

This guide will provide practical tips and advice to help you improve your communication skills and become a better leader.

Improve Job Satisfaction for Your Marketing Team: Guide

Sales, media, and marketing make up almost half (40%) of those considering moving to a new job which means it’s an essential time for employers to improve their efforts for marketing employees in every way possible. 

Read this in-depth guide to gather tips on how you can improve job satisfaction for your marketing department as well as find out the statistics and figures to back up what you’re doing.

Improve Job Satisfaction for Your Marketing Team Guide
Encourage Accountability in Employees Guide

Encourage Accountability in Employees: Guide

Accountability in the workplace is when employees are responsible for the tasks that they’re assigned. It’s a public form of responsibility that allows team members to count and rely on each other, knowing that each person fully accepts and can execute their assigned duties.

Research by Gallup found that only 14% of employees feel their performance is managed in a way that motives them.

This guide will provide you with practical tips to help you encourage your team to take more accountability for their work and make your day-to-day job easier.

The Basics of Workplace Wellbeing: Guide

According to Champion Health’s Workplace Report 2022, 67% of professionals are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress and nearly 60% of employees feel anxious at work. 

Wellbeing in the workplace is so much more than boozy socials and casual Fridays.

In order to lead a successful and motivated marketing team, you need to check in on them and invest in their wellbeing.

This guide will help you understand the basics of workplace wellbeing and how you can prioritise your team’s wellbeing in work.

How to motivate your marketing team: guide

How to Motivate Your Marketing Team: Guide

Motivated employees are 87% less likely to resign from their roles.

With this in mind, it’s important that managers understand what motivates their team in order to ensure they feel valued.

Understand how you can motivate your marketing team to increase satisfaction, productivity and overall performance.

How to Empower & Support Women in Your Marketing Team: Guide

Women make up 75% of the professional marketing population in the UK, yet men are twice as likely to be CMO.

Women in senior positions are demanding more from their workplaces and leaving their companies at unprecedented rates to find progression opportunities.

This becomes more problematic when women are already underrepresented in senior roles meaning that companies are finding it increasingly difficult to retain female talent.

Download this guide to understand how you can support the women in your marketing team.

How to empower and support your marketing team: guide

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