Best OOH campaigns of 2022

Who doesn’t love a good Out of Home (OOH) marketing campaign? We’re a big fan of creative marketing and OOH campaigns usually don’t disappoint.

We’re sharing what we think are some of the best OOH marketing campaigns of 2022 so stick around for some excellent OOH marketing examples.

What is Out of Home marketing?

Out of Home marketing, also known as outdoor marketing, is a more traditional form of marketing that sees brands create physical campaigns in an outdoor setting. OOH campaigns can range from billboards and bus stop ads to digital displays and pop-up events.

Often, OOH campaigns are part of wider marketing campaigns encompassing both offline and online marketing tactics. It’s no surprise that more brands are investing in OOH campaigns with an estimated 98% of consumers exposed to some form of OOH advertising each week.


SURREAL are a low carb, high protein, zero sugar alternative to traditional cereal brands and they have successfully utilised OOH ads as part of their creative marketing campaigns.

The ‘our designer is on holiday’ ads are a great way to attract consumers’ attention by using poor graphic design that immediately draws the eye and pokes fun at the fact that the design isn’t great. 

This approach to using humour to promote your brand isn’t new but it’s certainly refreshing and leaves a positive lasting impact on the consumer, enough to encourage them to go away and search the brand!

Image: SURREAL LinkedIn page


In March this year, 20 years since its first launch, Specsavers released a new ‘Should’ve Gone to Specsavers’ campaign.

The OOH advertising campaign included billboards that were ‘accidentally’ installed upside down or pasted over a ladder. 

The outdoor element of the campaign wasn’t the only thing catching customers’ attention, though. The campaign led with a TV and social campaign following a delivery driver’s attempt to deliver a large package to a flat on a high floor of an apartment building. He manages to reach the flat before realising that he’s at the wrong building because he couldn’t read the sign properly and ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’.

This simple phrase has become well-known in UK culture and its revival this year was welcomed by many.

Image: not owned by Girls in Marketing


Earlier this year, meditation and sleep app Calm poked fun at Boris Johnson’s resignation in a topical OOH campaign.

The OOH campaign that featured throughout Transport for London’s train station network, read: ‘Just resigned? Take a deep breath’.

Pictured below is a tweet by Calm showing the campaign with the caption ‘No10 we’re looking at you 👀’.

Using current events and topical news is a great way to put your brand at the centre of current conversations. However, this doesn’t necessarily work for everyone as the cost associated with such a short-lived campaign may not be sustainable for all brands!

Image: Calm Twitter page


During the summer, Aperol turned bars and outdoor spaces across the UK into Italian-inspired piazzas.

The piazzas were decorated in Aperol’s signature orange colour and decked out with swing seats, outdoor lights, orange trees and even orange Fiat 500s to promote the brand. They also created an Aperol Piazza bar finder so that people could search to find their nearest piazza.

This immersive brand experience isn’t a new concept but when executed well, it can become so much more than just an OOH advert. The piazza campaign is an example of outdoor marketing that encourages consumers to get involved, explore the brand further and experience its products. 

What’s not to love about a pop-up piazza?!

Image: Aperol Spritz UK Instagram page

Fever Tree

Fever-Tree launched a 2022 summer campaign highlighting the importance of the main ingredient in a Gin & Tonic – the tonic. The campaign is based around the tagline ‘We’d say T&G’ , an extension of their tagline “If 3/4 of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best”.

This is a great example of how outdoor marketing can form part of a wider marketing campaign as the OOH element of this campaign was accompanied by further offline marketing including radio as well as digital marketing tactics such as social media marketing. 

Image: not owned by Girls in Marketing

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