Top 22 female marketers to follow in 2022

From being extraordinarily great at SEO to building social media communities and rapidly progressing in their careers, female marketers have been leading the way in 2021. Company directors, freelancers, full-time marketers, and side hustlers alike, we’ve found 2021 to be a year of female domination in the marketing world.

And now we’ve created a list of the top 22 female marketers to follow in 2022.

These women are shaping the marketing industry and they deserve much more credit than they currently get. We hope that with these incredibly skilled marketers gracing your social media feeds, 2022 will become a year that we can start to embrace and celebrate female marketers together.

Note: this is by no means a full or comprehensive list, nor is it in any particular order.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get inspired…

Rejoice Ojiaku – SEO Manager at Incubeta and Co-Founder of B-DigitalUK

An award-winning Diversity & Inclusion advocate, SEO manager, and Brighton SEO speaker, Rejoice is a marketer you don’t want to scroll past.

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Francesca Pearson – Account Manager at The SHARP Agency

Certified IDM Account Manager and Marketing Mentor, Francesca regularly shares marketing campaigns and updates on her role at The SHARP agency. She’s definitely an up-and-coming marketer to connect with.

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Veronica Wood Querales – B2B Marketing Consultant and Mentor

As well as being the founder of a climate-positive consultancy, Into the Woods, Veronica is also a certified Marketing Mentor and Coach. We recently worked with her for our Marketers Making Moves Mentoring Programme in which she delivered sessions to mentors which were hugely helpful.

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Jess Sophia Bruno – Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist

Potentially the queen of funny social media memes, Jess isn’t just a skilled marketer but a creative and passionate freelancer too. If you’re wanting bite-sized social media tips or just someone to laugh with, Jess is your girl.

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Jade Halstead – Marketing Manager at Honcho

Constantly sharing tips and tricks for marketers, Jade is a marketing manager you’ve got to have in your LinkedIn feed. Jade also regularly shares team days out, award ceremonies, and much more!

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Armarni Lane Turton – Digital PR Manager at Rise at Seven

Recently promoted Digital PR Manager Armarni is one of Rise at Seven’s finest PR’s. She regularly advocates for black women in the workplace on both Twitter and LinkedIn. At the start of 2021, she led the Rise at Seven partnership with So You Want To. With her funny tweets and PR wins, she is definitely one to watch in 2022.

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Areej AbuAli – Head of SEO at Papier and Founder of Women in Tech SEO

With nearly 10+ years of blended marketing experience, Areej is no newbie to the marketing world. Specialising in Tech SEO, Areej regularly shares SEO news, tips, and all things female empowerment around her Women in Tech SEO community. A true marketing fanatic who should brace your screens in the new year.

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Bek Todd – eCommerce Marketing Specialist

If you haven’t seen Bek around on LinkedIn, where have you been? An eCommerce queen and self-confessed meme addict, Bek is a fun personality to follow in the marketing world. Not only is she fun, but she knows her stuff. If you’re looking for an eCommerce guru to give you some tips, get connecting with her.

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Alice Rath – Founder of Pippins Digital Marketing 

On a mission to make digital marketing more accessible to charities and not-for-profit businesses, Alice is a marketer, business owner, and paid ads queen all mixed into one.

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Holly Mackay – BA Marketing Student at University of Hertfordshire and Marketing Freelancer

First-year marketing student, Holly is a newbie to digital marketing but that doesn’t stop her. Filled with passion, enthusiasm, and love for the marketing industry, Holly has taken up a special space in our hearts and we can’t wait to see her grow and thrive. If you want to grow with Holly and keep up with her, we’d suggest giving her a follow.

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Karina Scott – Social Media and Influencer Marketing Specialist

An OG Girls in Marketing stan, Karina is a marketer you want to get to know. Social media is her name and her game, which is why if you’re looking for some tips, tricks and helpful advice, she’s your girl. Karina is also one of the lovely mentors on our special 2021 Marketers Making Moves programme and one to watch in 2022.

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Lea Turner – LinkedIn Coach

If you’re looking for LinkedIn growth tips or anything personal brand-related, Lea is the person you need to be following. One of our favourite things about Lea is, she’s not afraid of anyone or anything. Plus, she’s a true marketing genius. Grace your LinkedIn feed with funny, relatable content by following and engaging with Lea!

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Kamiqua Pearce – Managing Director of Coldr and Founder of UK Black Comms Network

Strategic communications queen and qualified coach, Kamiqua is a multi-talented, passionate marketer. She’s an active advocate for black PR and comms professionals, lecturer, and non-executive director among so many other things. An inspirational young woman to be connecting with as the new year approaches.

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Amma Dompreh – Marketing Communications and D&I Workstream Lead at World Vision

Recent GiM Members Society workshop host, Amma is an innovatively thinking marketer with a lot of advice and tips to give. Her passion and enthusiasm for marketing is something we need to be celebrating in 2022 which is why we’d suggest connecting with her over on LinkedIn for lots of marketing and Amma updates.

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Claudia Cardinali – Personal Brand Manager at Great Influence

Straight talking Claudia posts about adult life, the realities of career-building and behind the scenes of marketing life. She’s one of the most real people we’ve ever seen online, and that’s why she’s become a LinkedIn icon.

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Sophie Miller – Freelance Social Media Manager and Founder of Pretty Little Marketer

Having built a loyal following of 20K+ on just her personal LinkedIn account, Sophie is your girl for all things personal branding, LinkedIn, and social media marketing. Regularly posting updates around marketing trends, discussing freelance life as well as much more, she’s quickly grown to be well-known in the social media space and one to connect with in 2022.

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Shama Rowland – Communications Coordinator at Sadler’s Wells

2021 graduate, Shama is a knowledgable events and communications professional just getting started in her marketing career. She regularly shares tips and insights into all things career, events and communications which are really helpful for anyone looking at getting into the industry.

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Michelle Carvill – Marketing Consultant, Author, and Co-Founder of Can Marketing Save the Planet

Sustainable marketing guru Michelle is a pleasure to see online. Michelle, along with 2 other marketers, started the movement “Can Marketing Save the Planet?” which GiM is an official partner of. Not only is Michelle the Co-Founder of this movement, she consistently shows up online and spreads vital awareness around sustainability and how we as marketers can be and do better.

Join us and Sign the Sustainable Marketer Manifesto

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Lucy Hall – Founder of Digital Women and SocialDay & Director at Avviso Media

A true community builder and passionate marketer with over 15 years of extensive experience, Lucy is someone to follow – without a doubt. She is all about empowering women (which we love to see!) and is on a mission to grow a network of 1 million+ digital women through her community which is always something we will celebrate.

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Tami Abonga – Pinterest Manager at Fresh Pin Studio

Is Pinterest marketing a subject you want to learn more about? If so, Tami is your girl. She’s beyond knowledgeable about the platform and everything that comes with it. Plus, Tami regularly shares other social media tips and is a great one to follow in the new year.

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Sophie Logan – Head of Paid Media at Victress

Pug-loving Sophie is the queen of paid media, and someone to follow on LinkedIn if you’re wanting realness, paid ads goodness, and a lot of inspiration. She’s one of the BEST in the industry and it wouldn’t be a marketing list without her.

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Shannon Walker – Founder of Social Disruption

PR professional, creative, and youth mentor as well as a founder, Shannon is passionate about social storytelling and building impactful brands. She wants to create a more purpose and positive industry, and we’re HERE for it. Shannon is truly a breath of fresh air.

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