Digital Marketing Campaign and Brand Strategy Training

As marketers, we know how important it is to understand the various stages of digital marketing, from research and planning to execution and evaluation

Join us for a full training day designed to help individual marketers and those in small marketing teams feel confident in creating a marketing and brand strategy from scratch

Training Overview

You will gain the knowledge and tools to develop a multi-channel digital marketing campaign covering all elements of the planning process. You will participate in interactive tasks in small groups to allow you to apply your learning to real-world brands and scenarios.

In addition to this, we will also cover some of the digital marketing tactics and channels that you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy including organic social media, email marketing and SEO. 

As a result of the training you will understand the stages involved in planning and delivering an effective digital marketing campaign and take away actionable tips to apply in your role.


Location: TBC

Available Dates: Dates coming soon

Price: £249* (+VAT)

Light breakfast, lunch, teas, coffees and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks included.

+ Discount on annual Girls in Marketing membership after attending the training.

Learning Outcomes

Feel confident setting marketing objectives

Understand how to use customer insights and situational analysis to build your brand and inform your marketing campaigns

Understand how to identify the right marketing tactics and channels to use for your brand

Learn how to choose and use appropriate metrics to assess campaign performance and success

Understand the importance of campaign monitoring and reporting and how to use this to your advantage

Who is this training for?

The training is ideal for marketers looking to improve and streamline their campaign planning process to create cohesive and impactful campaigns that drive results. 

Whether you work in-house or agency side, you will deepen your understanding of how to create a well-rounded marketing campaign strategy. 

If you currently work across multiple areas of marketing, or specialise in one area and want to gain a broader understanding of marketing campaigns and building brand strategy, this is the training for you.

While learners are encouraged to come on their own (everyone is welcome!), small teams from in-house brands or agencies may want to come together if they wish to do so.

Course Trainers

During the day, we will teach learners a range of in-depth proven organic marketing and brand building strategies.  There will then be time for attendees to action what they have learned through a variety of small group tasks.

Olivia Hanlon

Founder and CEO

Olivia Hanlon is an award-winning Founder and CEO of Girls in Marketing, she has 6+ years of digital marketing experience working in-house and as a freelancer for international clients. Her expertise lies in organic marketing with a focus on SEO, Content Marketing and eCommerce. Olivia has trained over 10,000+ professional and aspiring marketers both virtually and in-person over the last 3 years of running Girls in Marketing. She also has 3+ years of experience growing a startup and leading a team.

Amy Lewin is the Head of Marketing and Commerical at Girls in Marketing, she has 7+ years of marketing and communications experience working in-house for B2B organisations, the higher education sector and startups. Her expertise is in organic marketing with a focus on marketing strategy and brand building. Amy has delivered various types of training to professional and aspiring marketers with a focus on mentorship.

Amy Lewin

Head of Marketing and Commerical