The EmpowerHER Series

International Women’s Week Virtual Event Programme

7th – 10th March 2023

With a community of 250K+ female marketers across all levels of seniority, we are dedicating an entire week to celebrating the power of women in the workforce.

Together, we’re inspiring more people to embrace equity and invest in the professional development of women in marketing to help close the gender seniority gap.

What is the EmpowerHER Series?

A virtual webinar series celebrating women in marketing.

The EmpowerHER series will consist of 4 virtual events across 4 days including 2 virtual webinars, 1 panel event and a Girls in Marketing members exclusive event.

With an incredible line-up of inspiring and talented women in the marketing and PR industry, this series promises to be full of great advice, support and shared experiences.

Why is the EmpowerHER Series important?

There is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality in the workplace.

The average hourly gender pay gap for the UK across all industries in 2022 is 11.3%.

In 2020 the marketing industry had a mean gender pay gap for full time workers of 28% – over 3 times the national average that year.

There are more women than men working in the marketing industry, however more than twice as many men reach director level.

This event series will shine a spotlight on the issues facing women in the workplace today and how we can support each other to overcome them.

The events

7th March, 12pm GMT

Finding Your Power & Place in the Marketing World

with Olivia Hanlon, Founder of Girls in Marketing

8th March, 12.30pm GMT

EmpowerMENTORS Panel & Q&A

with Anu Adegbola, Hannah Anderson, Lidia Infante, Lisa Maynard-Atem & Rachel Allison

9th March, 12pm GMT

How to Empower & Support Your Female Marketing Employees

with Amy Lewin, Head of Marketing @ Girls in Marketing

10th March, 12pm GMT

Girls in Marketing 'Come Chat with Us' Event - Members Only

with the Girls in Marketing Team

What does empowerment look like to you?