Member 1-1 Drop Ins

Tailored support via bookable slots with professional marketers.

What is a 1-1 Drop In?

Our 20 minute drop ins are offered exclusively to members on a first come, first serve basis.

Each month we release a number of member 1-1 slots so you can book in with one of the team to discuss whatever’s on your mind!

During a 1-1 you can discuss any topic you like. Whether it’s askig for career advice, support learning a new skill or brainstorming campaign ideas, we’re here to help!

Olivia Hanlon

Olivia is the Founder and CEO of Girls in Marketing, she has 5+ years of digital marketing experience working in-house and as a freelancer for international clients. She also has 3+ years of experience growing a startup and leading a team.

Talk to Olivia about any of the following: SEO; content, blogging and copywriting; e-commerce marketing; email; organic social; web building; going freelance and working with clients; starting a business; employability; CV tips and advice.

Amy Lewin

Amy is the Head of Marketing and Commerical at Girls in Marketing, she has 7+ years of marketing and communications experience working in-house for B2B organisations, the higher education sector and startups.

Talk to Amy about any of the following: social media content; B2B marketing and relationship management; organic social; content marketing; internal and external; communications; professional development; CV tips and advice.

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