Tackling Project Management as a Marketer

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Whether you work in-house or for an agency, a large part of a marketer’s role involves tackling projects. From campaign creation to client relationship management, this digital marketing project management course will help you brush up on your project management skills.

You’ll learn about the project lifecycle, project management models, how to manage resources in a project and how to manage a project successfully.

In the final module, you’ll learn how to implement your learnings once you complete the course.

Don’t forget, you’ll also earn a certificate on completion of the course!

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Course module breakdown

In this three-module digital marketing project management course, you’ll learn everything there is to know about managing projects as a marketer.

Take a look at some of what you’ll cover:

Module 1

The Project Management Lifecycle

Do you want to create a project that runs smoothly? We’ve got you. 

Understanding the different phases of project management and the stages you’ll go through is key when creating a strong, seamless project. 

In the first module of this course you’re going to learn all about the project management lifestyle and it’s four stages. 

Module 2

Project Management Models

You’ve covered the project management lifestyle, now it’s time to think about the models used to apply it. 

In the second module of this course we’ll take a look at three key models and two organisational structures. We’ll make you understand which model works best for your project. 

Module 3

Project Management in Practise

You know about the project management lifecycle and the different project management models. What’s next?

The third and final module of this course will help you understand how to put everything into practice and handle the execution of your project.

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