4 of the best brand mascots

An effective brand mascot has the ability to transform a business overnight. 

Done right, they can help make a brand memorable, increase profit, and survive for years to come.

The Michelin Man, Tony the Tiger, and Ronald McDonald are just a few examples of familiar (for some, nostalgic) brand mascots that have stood the test of time.

But what are brand mascots and why are they important? 

What is a brand mascot?

A brand mascot is an avatar in the form of a human, animal or object that acts as an ambassador of a company and its values. Widely used in marketing, brand mascots are used to tell a story and become a face consumers recognise. They’re often used to bring personality and humanity to a company, and have the potential to increase profit and emotional connection by up to 41%

Brand mascots can be essential when growing a business as they attract attention, increase awareness, and offer the opportunity to market a brand or product in a fun, original way.

Over the years we’ve seen weird and wonderful brand mascots that are eye-catching, unique, and have occasionally stolen our hearts.

Let’s jump in and take a look at some of the best and most unforgettable brand mascots.


Language learning company Duolingo uses their loveable brand mascot, Duo, to boost brand awareness. 

Duo is a green owl, meant to symbolise wisdom and knowledge, who loves nothing more than seeing learners succeed. Duolingo launched in 2012 with the owl as a static logo. Since then Duo has evolved into a character who encourages users to continue learning. 

Duo has even become a popular meme after the brand began leveraging Tik Tok to showcase the brand mascot and their quick witted personality. 


Have you ever heard of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit? 

He was Walt Disney’s first character and original mascot. After losing the rights to the character in a dispute with a business partner at Universal, Disney was forced to create another character and so Mickey Mouse was born. 

The character first appeared in November 1928 in Disney’s short film Steamboat Willie. And since sailing into our lives all those years ago, Mickey has become an international favourite with a recognition rate of over 97% in the United States

Mickey perfectly represents what Disney wanted to portray as a happy, fun loving character who dreams big and brings families together.


Duracell has become the world’s leading manufacturer of alkaline batteries since its foundation in the early 1940s. The brand’s mascot, the Duracell Bunny, was first introduced in 1973 in the ‘Drumming Bunny’ television advertisement. 

Duracell’s marketing campaigns predominantly feature the mascot competing in, and winning, a race or game to showcase the longevity of Duracell batteries in comparison to other manufacturers. 

The Duracell Bunny has become a familiar face for many households and added warmth and personality to the brand.


Having sold over 275 million copies, Monopoly is one of the best selling commercial board games of all time (we all have one tucked away somewhere!).

Mr Monopoly is the game’s long standing mascot and features in Monopoly’s board, card, and video games. Mr Monopoly is an old man wearing a morning suit, bow tie, and top hat embodying the image of wealth and business. He is always shown with a smile on his face inviting and alluring players into the game. 

What can brand mascots do for a business?

We know now that brand mascots are a great way to advertise a business through storytelling, empathy, and charm. But how can they benefit a business…

  • Increase brand visibility and reach by attracting the attention of new and existing consumers
  • Boost brand credibility by having an honest mascot that can build a solid bond with your audience
  • Stand out from competitors by having a unique, engaging brand mascot that embodies your brand personality

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