5 brands with great copywriting

Copywriting is a skill that will always be in demand and as the world increasingly shifts online this will only continue to grow. Think about it, someone has to write those scroll-stopping descriptions and unforgettable taglines. 

But copywriting isn’t just a case of stringing a few words together, it takes a lot of research and dedication. Copywriters have to understand their market and audience to write copy that’s attractive, engaging, and makes the audience feel understood. 

So what does great copywriting look like?

Copywriting is all around us whether we’re working at our desk or waiting at the bus stop. Great copywriting speaks to a specific audience directly and should reflect a brand’s tone of voice and personality. 

Over the years there have been so many unforgettable examples of copywriting, so let’s take a look at 5 brands with great copywriting. 


Oatly was first founded in 1994 by brothers Richard and Björn Öste.  They developed oat milk after searching for an alternative to cow’s milk for those who were lactose intolerant. The brothers were successful in creating the product, but there was little to no market for dairy free milk. 

Oatly didn’t hit the international market until its rebrand in 2014 with new packaging, a focus on environmental impact and sustainability, and of course, a witty brand voice and personality.

Their copywriting is fun, eye-catching, and entertaining whether it’s a carton of milk on a supermarket shelf or an advertising campaign on the underground. 

From exposing all their own mistakes in the confrontational ‘F*ck Oatly’ campaign, to praising cow’s milk only to show their product is better in the ‘Thanks Milk’ campaign, Oatly are fearless and impossible to ignore. 

Image: MarketingWeek


Founded in 2019, Estrid is a subscription based razor company creating high quality, sustainable, vegan products. The brand prides itself on body positivity, empowering women to do whatever they want with their body hair. 

With its inclusive messaging and aesthetically pleasing packaging, Estrid feels casual and current which has made them the go-to hair removal brand for its Gen-Z audience. 

Estrid’s copywriting is fun, friendly, and consistent. From product descriptions to cancelling subscriptions, this easy-going tone of voice makes audiences feel comfortable and encouraged to be themselves.

Image: Estrid


With over 500 million monthly active users as of March 2023, Spotify has become the most popular music streaming platform. This being said, it’s no surprise that when it comes to marketing, Spotify capitalises on its huge community!

Spotify often combines weird and wonderful user driven data with playful copy. This tactic results in humorous ads that fascinate and engage users whilst embodying Spotify’s values of innovation and partnership by showcasing their community. 

Although funny and relatable, Spotify’s copy is clear and to the point, leaning into their largely millennial audience. 

Image: The Drum

Fenty Beauty

If you aren’t familiar with Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty, where have you been? 

After launching in 2017, it’s now the world’s most successful celebrity beauty brand and estimated to be worth $2.8 billion. Fenty Beauty produces high quality products that cater for everyone and has a killer marketing strategy.

Fenty Beauty’s copywriting is flirty, conversational, and reflective of its founder. The brand embraces its young, largely female audience by lacing copy with trending terms and phrases like ‘hella’, ‘baddie’, and ‘bestie’ to make it feel fresh and relatable. 

Fenty Beauty often uses rhyme and repetition when showcasing products which are fun and quirky, but (most importantly) memorable! Who doesn’t want to be a ‘cabana cutie’ or ‘gloss like a boss’?

Image: Fenty Beauty


From a stand alone store in Seattle to over 30,000 worldwide, Starbucks has come a long way in 50 years. 

When it comes to copywriting the brand describes its voice as both functional and expressive to help customers have a simple, enjoyable experience whilst showcasing brand personality. 

Starbucks understands that their customers want a hassle-free experience so ensure that whether you’re in store or online, the copywriting is clear and product-focused. 

The brand’s tone of voice is carried through on their social media platforms, but leans more into pop culture, trends and aesthetics to engage with a younger audience. 

Image: Starbucks

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