7 statistics about women in marketing you need to know

Although there have been some improvements in recent years, there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality in the workplace. In this article, we’ve highlighted 7 statistics about women in marketing that we think you should know.

1. It may be unsurprising to hear that there are more women than men working in the marketing industry (women make up 75% of the marketing workforce in the UK). However, more than twice as many men than women reach director level, according to research.

2. It will be no surprise, then, that data from a study titled, Gender in Marketing, shows that in 62% of companies with a sole marketing manager, the role is filled by a man. 

3. According to this report by Accenture, only 2.8% of companies within the Fortune Global 500 have a female CEO and only 1 in 5 startups have been founded by a woman. 

4. Although there are less women than men in director level positions, those who do reach managerial positions, like Marketing or Sales Directors, earn around 11% less than their male counterparts

5. The GWPR Annual Index 2020 explores the main factors that hold women back in their careers and identifies the following causes:

  • childcare or caring responsibilities (78% of cases);
  • lack of a work-life balance in senior positions (70% of cases);
  • lack of flexible or family friendly policies (67% of cases);
  • lack of transparency around recruitment and promotion (65% of cases) and
  • men tending to be responsible for promotion opportunities (60% of cases).

6. As we know, having children is unfortunately one of the biggest setbacks for many women in their careers. According to Axonn’s Gender in Marketing Survey, mums are nearly three times more likely than dads to say parenthood has had a negative effect on their careers (62% vs 24%).

7. On the whole, women in the marketing industry are paid 12.6% less than their male counterparts. This is a particularly disappointing statistic to read about women in marketing owing to the fact that women make up over three quarters of the marketing workforce.

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