5 courses to improve your copywriting skills

Copywriting is a very in-demand skill with searches for the term “copywriting” hitting an all-time global high in January 2023 according to Google Trends data.

Whether you work in marketing, communications or any other role that involves copywriting, we’ve found five of the best courses to help you improve your copywriting skills.

1. IDM Award in Digital Copywriting

If you’re looking to learn how to write effective copy for digital channels to build brands and see results, the IDM award in Digital Copywriting has everything you need.

As a result of completing this course you will understand how to write copy for a variety of different digital channels, how to expand and repurpose copy for other channels, how to identify your target persona and tone of voice and more.

Price: £1,200.00

2. The Basics of Copywriting Course by Girls in Marketing

If you’re ready to learn the theory behind writing compelling and convincing marketing copy, the Girls in Marketing Basics of Copywriting Course is packed with exciting examples and exercises to get you writing like a professional.

This course is made up of three detailed modules, the first of which covers writing for social media, blogs, websites and email marketing. 

In the second module you’ll learn how to craft a solid brand tone of voice, create powerful calls-to-action and harness the power of rhetoric and the art of persuasion.

Finally, complete the course by understanding the types of editing and learning how to effectively self-edit your work.

Price: This course is one of many included in the Girls in Marketing membership. Become a member for just £19.99 per month and gain access to courses, webinars, templates and more.

Become a member.

3. CIM Copywriting Masterclass

On the CIM Copywriting Masterclass Course you’ll learn a comprehensive method to help you generate ideas, maintain reader attention and bring your words to life. 

In a friendly and collaborative process, you’ll plan, draft, edit and review against tight deadlines and word counts. 

You’ll also learn how to confidently generate new ideas, organise them persuasively, and bring your copy to life. 

Price: In-Person – £1,249.00, Virtual – £999.00

4. Learning to Write Marketing Copy – LinkedIn Learning

Get a great foundation for all your campaigns with this LinkedIn marketing copywriting course. Ian Lurie shows how to write copy that tells your story and sells your product or brand. 

Learn about the different types of copywriting, the benefits of drafting on paper, general rules to observe, writing headlines, and rewriting existing copy to optimise it for different outlets and platforms. 

Ian will also show you how to manage a copyediting team, a brand voice, and an editorial calendar.

Price: To access this course you’ll need to purchase LinkedIn learning subscription for £16.99/month* (annual) or £29.99/month* (monthly).

5. Create Ads That Convert: Master the Art of Ad Copy and Ad Design by Hubspot

Hubspot is always a great place to look for courses to support your development in a wide range of marketing areas.

In this self-paced hubspot course, you’ll learn how to communicate the value of your offer through effective copywriting, design your ad creative, and optimise your conversion path.

Price: Free

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