Did you know your employer can fund your membership?

As a digital marketing learning platform, the Girls in Marketing membership counts towards your professional development so most employers are more than happy to fund your membership

Your new marketing skills benefit both you and your employer

Most organisations will have an allocated training budget meaning that their employees can benefit from skills-based learning and development opportunities.

As an e-learning and community platform, the Girls in Marketing membership counts towards your professional development training and most employers are more than happy to fund your subscription.

How to ask your employer to fund your membership

The best businesses and managers see professional training as an investment rather than a cost. By investing time and money into their teams development, businesses can increase employee capability, satisfaction and productivity.

However, although many marketers understand the benefits that professional development can have for their employers, it can sometimes be difficult to ask them to fund the training that you want to undertake.

Asking for employer funding can feel like a daunting task with the risk of them saying no being a common deterrent for many employees.

When approaching your employer about professional development funding, focus on the benefits that the training will bring to both you and your company.

If possible, identify how your training will directly and positively impact the company’s marketing goals.

You should also try to anticipate any questions that your manager may have and prepare answers in advance so that you can progress the conversation in a positive way.

As well as the new marketing skills that you will learn, by investing in your professional development, your employer will be demonstrating that they value you as a member of the team.

Investing in employee development shows a positive company culture so be sure to let your employer know that you would appreciate their support in helping you develop both personally and professionally.

Understanding how to demonstrate the benefits of professional marketing training is key to helping your employer understand exactly why they should invest in your development. 

Here are some of the key ways that the Girls in Marketing membership will bring benefits to you and your employer:

  • Our library of ready-made templates and resources will save you time and improve the quality of your work
  • The membership provides a place to network, share ideas and seek advice so you can learn from other marketers
  • Access our webinars (on demand) led by industry experts to ensure you're up to date with the industry 
  • Our practical and theoretical courses provide extensive learning opportunities and helps you gain practical skills to use in your marketing role
  • Our 1-1 sessions with industry experts gives you the opportunity to ask for unbiased guidance on marketing strategies
  • By investing in your development, your employer is investing in your wellbeing, job satisfaction and future career growth in the company

To help you pitch the membership to your employer, we’ve created a comprehensive employer guide that you can present to your manager.

What your employer needs to know

Frequently asked questions

Our standard individual membership costs just £19.99 per month or £219.99 per annum including VAT.

We offer discount on our annual membership for charities and non-profit organisations.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Simply click 'Become a member' and sign up to either our monthly or annual membership plan.

Alternatively, if you would prefer for your employer to pay for your membership, check out our team membership or employer funding options.

Your payment is made in advance for the next access period. Your payment date will be the same date you signed up every month (or every year if you’re an annual subscription holder). Payments are taken automatically using the card details you signed up with. 

The membership is designed to help junior—to mid-level marketers develop their digital marketing skills and build confidence in their roles.

The learning platform caters to B2C and B2B marketers, welcoming everyone from the marketing industry to join and enhance their skills. There’s something here for everyone!

Of course not, everyone is welcome to join the membership! Our name reflects the mission we are on to equalise gender seniority and help women to upskill because there is a particular need for more women in leadership roles. 

However, everyone is welcome and we pride ourselves on being an incredibly inclusive and safe space for all. 

Once become a Girls in Marketing member, you will receive regular communications about membership news and updates. This includes new courses, training opportunities and how to make the most out of the membership.

Of course! We record all of our webinars and make them available in the membership for you to re-watch anytime!

Yes, we offer a team membership package with tiered pricing, so the discount depends on the number of people joining the membership.

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