What can we learn from the Barbie movie’s marketing campaign?

Are you going to watch the Barbie movie?

Whether you’re counting down the days or couldn’t care less, it’s been impossible to miss. 

Directed by Greta Gerwig, Barbie is a live action fantasy comedy based on Mattel’s iconic fashion doll. The movie stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken and is predicted to be a box office success. 

When it comes to Barbie, no expenses have been spared with a reported budget of $100 million. A colourful custom built set, star studded cast, and next level marketing campaign. What more could you ask for? 

From shoes and candles, to memes and billboards Barbie is everywhere. The movie’s strategic marketing campaign has succeeded in increasing awareness, generating buzz, and making sure everyone knows that Barbie is coming. 

Wondering how they’ve done it? We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the different marketing tactics used in the movie’s marketing campaign that helped make it an internet sensation. 

Brand collaborations

Barbie has teamed up with a bunch of brands in the lead up to the movie’s release and they’ve thought of everything! Whether you’re in the market for a new suitcase or need a refreshing drink, there’s something for everyone. Barbie’s collaborations were unexpected having gone beyond the toy sector. Mattel’s aim was to make the brand relevant and accessible for all ages by partnering with lifestyle, homeware, fashion, and beauty brands. 

Audience involvement

As marketers we know that the use of artificial intelligence continues to gain momentum. Jumping on this hype Barbie launched its ‘Selfie Generator’ giving fans the opportunity to insert themselves into Barbie Land (and it went viral!). This is a great example of just how effective interactive marketing and user generated content can be. With vibrant visuals, audiences couldn’t help engaging with Barbie’s ‘Selfie Generator’ and sharing these on their socials for everyone to see. 

Brand recognition

Barbie’s marketing campaign has leveraged audience familiarity with Mattel’s recognisable branding. Posters and billboards for the movie are clever and simple, with the release date in classic Barbie cursive on a solid background of hot pink. And on Barbie’s extravagant worldwide press tour Margot Robbie has dressed loyal to her character wearing Barbie inspired outfits (talk about commitment). 

Generating buzz

There’s no doubt that Barbie’s marketing campaign has built anticipation and made fans go wild. Whilst the movie trailers have shown audiences a star studded cast and dreamy set, the little information about the plot created a sense of mystery around the movie. Between magazine covers and a real-life Dreamhouse listed on AirBnB, Barbie’s marketing campaign has made it one of this years must see movies!

Is this the brand comeback of the century?

After hitting an all-time low with sales and tons of negative headlines in 2015, Barbie went on a mission to reinvent the brand. Mattel made a conscious effort to make Barbie culturally relevant by introducing different skin tones, body types, and new careers. A product of the brand’s makeover is Barbie which has offered the opportunity for growth, creativity, and revenue. 

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